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The New Podcasting

Engadget says iPod 6.0 will be able to show episodes of shows like “Desperate Housewives,” downloadable for $2 a pop. Insanely hot. Update: Here’s Apple’s press release.


Screw the iPod, what about the new iMac?

Alas, my only experience with the iMac was as an intern at Scout Productions, where I attempted to pull the company’s script database into something resembling order using this fun-looking little computer and Filemaker Pro. It was kind of hell. The thing would crash on me all the live-long day. I imagine it’s improved since then?

Overcome… with… techno… lust… grghhhhhhgle…

Robin! Get Current hooked up with this biznatch! Current pods are now perfect for podcasting, both in length and content! Do eet!

Techno-lust is right. My 40GB iPod (aka best friend and constant companion) now looks as repulsively old-fashioned as a five-function calculator. You all do know that my birthday is coming up, right?

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