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Did anybody else read Joan Didion’s piece in last week’s NYT Magazine?

It’s really, really sad, and sharp and gripping.

October 3, 2005 / Uncategorized

One comment

It hits home when she says “I remember thinking that I needed to discuss this with John.”

It’s amazing how completely dependent we can become upon another human being. In fact, we seem to have such a tendency to do so, that I can only speculate that it’s somehow hard-wired into our heads.

I don’t like imagining the loss of any member of my family, so much so that I don’t watch shows about kidnappings or children dying, or the tragic and early loss of a spouse. It may be that I’m becoming disturbingly sentimental about certain things, but there are things that I’m equipped to handle, and things that I’m not.

Suddenly there is a void, and everything goes on like normal.

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