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In the New Version, Entries Write Themselves

We started Snarkmarket in November 2003. 891 entries, 1425 comments, and about seven billion spam attacks later, it’s time to upgrade to the new version of Movable Type. If anything looks weird or doesn’t work, that’s why. See you in a bit!

Update: Okay, let us know if anything’s busted. Other than the “remember me” field on the comments form. Its busted-ness exists in twelve dimensions, five of space and seven of time, and defies unraveling.

September 12, 2005 / Uncategorized


Did this work?

It did! But that dumb checkbox still doesn’t work…

did you change the code around checkbox at some point, or is the snarkmarket just cursed to never have a memory?

As best as I can tell, it records your information only for individual HTML pages. So for example, the next time I go to comment on this entry, or on any other entry I’ve commented on and checked the box for, my info will be filled in. But if I go to make a comment on a new entry, no info.

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