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Come On In, the Water's Fine

Check out these photos of yesterday’s evacuation and preparation for Hurricane Katrina and see if you can guess which one is my favorite.


My guesses, in order:


mordenti singing

reading chaucer

but maybe I’m just projecting my preferences on you!

Though the french quarter and superdom ones are good too.

I would say it has to be dolphins. If Kafka were a photographer, I imagine that’s the stuff he’d have shot. Or maybe Gary Larson.

Dan says…

I’m going to vote for Dolphins as well. But Chaucer is a really, really close second.

Now if only there had been a picture of Dolphins reading “Daily Life in Chaucer’s England”!

You are correct!– it’s the dolphins. And yes, Daily Life in Chaucer’s England is an amazing second.

paul cloutier says…

I wonder if they cleaned out the chlorine in the pool first… “my eyes! my beautiful eyes!”

Paul–I was wondering that too. Also the salt content.

Those are special pool dolphins.

They feed them Fritos and orange Fanta.

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