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The Suburbs of Mexico City


Now do you see why I fear them so much? (See also. Via.)

August 24, 2005 / Uncategorized


well, those houses, while boring and somewhat frightening (not to mention that even knowing full well that they were real, I still had to look really closely the second time to make sure that they were not in fact models) are better than some of the other housing choices in mexico:

It is kinda sad though, to see the cookie cutter houses, since i’ve never seen housing like that before in Mexico City. usually it’s all different, and no two houses look the same.

My guess is this is some kind of government planned community, or else a housing developer decided to start out HUGE.

Tace Hedrick says…

No, this isn’t a govt planned community; this is just one of many Levittown-like subdivisions springing up in Mexico because Fox’s administration is helping underwrite mortgages , and encouraging other mortgage companies to come into Mexico and do the same. It used to be impossible to own your own home in Mexico unless you were wealthy….but the downside of course you can see in front of you.

God, those houses are not in Mexico City. It is lame you make it look as if Mexico was some kind of ugly place. Those houses are for people who can’t really afford a $200,000 US in the city.

They are made to stop people moving to the city, it is already a 23 million city.

But oh well, what can someone expect from you, eh? 🙂


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