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Social Mapping

The lack of screenshots, feature listings, or even an explanation of exactly what it is all prevent me from guessing whether Meetro doesn’t suck. (You have to actually download and install the app, which is totally played out. See more snark from Jason Pettus. And Stowe Boyd at Corante actually did post a screenshot.) But it appears to be a location-based social networking thingie that guesses where you are based on WiFi signals and tries to find other folks around you who match your profile. See also: Mates | PlaceSite | Dodgeball.

I think this location-based networking business has huge potential, especially as cell phones and other ubiquitous devices become sophisticated enough to partake in it.

When digital social networking is paired with analog social gathering places, I think people will go a bit nuts for it. Imagine a sort of venue-oriented version of the new HotOrNot Meet Me site. (The principle behind the site is that you look at a rotation of photos of random people, clicking yes if you’d like to meet each person, and no if you have no interest. If you click yes, your own photo goes into the other person’s photo rotation, and if they click yes for you, you’re both notified.) Or say you’re relaxing in the park, and you decide you want to pull together a pickup Ultimate Frisbee game. Send out the Meetro bat signal, and bam! Ten other people chilling in the park decide they’re down for it, and the game is on.

One downside for Robin — is now taken., however, totally still available.

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LPS says…

FYI: this technology is old news in urban Japan… I wonder how similar the US implementation is as it emerges?

Oh look, Google might buy Meetro. WTF??

(I gotta say though, if Google — by purchasing all of these location-ish services and consolidating them — actually creates a de facto standard for this stuff that everyone uses, I’m fine with it having scary monopolistic power. Mostly.)

BTW, totally agree w/ your assessment of location-aware digital matchmaking, Matt. Technology will make rejection obsolete!

Technology will make rejection obsolete!

Uh, that is if somebody clicks yes on your photo . . .

which of course will happen for everyone here!!! don’t mind me. 🙂

Please. It is assured that given excellent enough algorithms (Google Matchmaker, anyone?) all people will find a compelling partner. It’s the Long Tail of love!

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