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People Suck

Have you seen the movie Crash yet? Phenomenal, and I’m very excited about the prospect of it being turned into a TV show.

Timely, too, considering you still read stories like this:

A group of white men set upon three black men on the streets of Howard Beach, Queens, early yesterday, beating one with a baseball bat and fracturing his skull, the police and prosecutors said.

The white men, who emerged from a black 2005 Cadillac Escalade before dawn, sent the black men fleeing into nearby swampland and through the streets of the largely white, insular neighborhood. …

Mr. Minucci, the accused, said that the three black men might have been looking at his jewelry earlier last week, and that he was responding to that when he came across them around 3 a.m. yesterday. For their part, two of the black men, according to police, admitted under questioning that they had been in the area with hopes of stealing a car.

Sad. Every which way.

June 30, 2005 / Uncategorized


Regarding the story of three white men assaulting some black men… for every story and police report of such incidents, you can find TEN times as many where the races are reversed… where it was black people attacking and murdering white people. See the following for documentation of these facts:

1) Website:

2) The FBI crime statistics on interracial crime

3) The Book: “The Color of Crime”

Awesome! Our first documented white supremacist spam. Site milestones are coming down like leaves in fall around here.

Jer Pritch says…

He’s right you know . Call him all the names you want , it still doesn’t change the fact that black people commit more violent crimes than whites . You can’t call me a white supremacist because I’m a black man .

Carlos Bayley says…

White people in the United States are the most racist human beings on the face of the earth.

Charlie says…

Can’t we all just get a long. Evidentally all you retards don’t realize that we all have to live on this rock hanging in space. Humans are a fucking joke!

Damian says…

You may not be aware, but to a good amount of people out there, the definition of “racism” equates to ‘prejudice PLUS power.’ Basically white people, until they are no longer in power, will only people the ones capable of racism(not everyone sees it that way, but it is debated). If you look for stories of whites hating on blacks you will find them, which is what you did. Good for you. I could also find stories of birds attacking black people. Does that mean birds are racist too?

Psh. says…

“White people in the United States are the most racist human beings on the face of the earth.”

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

You’re fucking stupid.

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