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Books… So Many Books

Google Print is out in beta.

Noted via Download Squad, a cool new blog. Note the familiar name lurking in their entry…

June 28, 2005 / Uncategorized


that is the coolness. need some more books though. it couldn’t even find handlinger, which i would guess only Robin understands. I’m re-reading Perdido Street Station so it’s on my mind.

Also, aaaah! the googlezon!

Matt says…

Google Print has been out a while. It’s ramping up slowly but surely — and “Perdido Street Station” is missing, yes. But there are other good SF books on there. Try a search for “alzabo book of the new sun”.

The big news for Google watchers is Google Earth —

It has been ‘out,’ yes, but I thought it was only public domain stuff… and it didn’t let you look through a book’s entire contents, did it? I don’t know.

Yeah, by the way, as an actual purchaser of Keyhole, aka Google Earth, I am REALLY GLAD EVERYONE NOW GETS IT FOR FREE. Hmph.

Hey, I can’t get Google Earth for free: at least right now, new downloads are “temporarily unavilable.” It does suggest I check back every day — you know, like a sucker.

Also, while most books in Google Print are in principal totally available, there isn’t an easy way to just read through a book — each search hit only turns up a few pages at a time (even if you log in). The best way to read as much of a book as you like is to continually re-search within a book to get more results (and open up a few more pages). For example, when I wanted to read a chapter of “Lacan in America,” I did a search for “Lacan” — which basically opened up the entire book, albeit not exactly in a convenient way.

But for academics, this is a godsend. Most university presses seem to be participating (or the major libraries are). We don’t need to recall popular books from each other, or wait for weeks on interlibrary loan requests for books that may only be tangentially valuable. I expect most university libraries’ reactions will be mixed, but for students and scholars, Google Print is a huge coup against the limitations of the underfunded research library.

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