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'A Strange and Threatening Vision'


EPIC in the Sunday Observer. Nice column by Frank Kane, but uh-oh, he plays the serendipity card!:

Another member of the audience summed it all up by pointing out that the original Reithian code for the BBC, along with the requirements to inform, educate and entertain, also included the obligations to ‘surprise and delight’. It struck me that here was the essence of it. No digitised writing machine could ever manage to achieve those two aims, even if it were laden with all the personality of, say, Bill Gates.

Lloyd Davis handles the rebuttal:

Having a news feed that gives you what you want doesn’t equate to only having the nice comforting familiarities. Blogs are written by people. Some days they’re clever, some days they’re not. Some days they’re dull and inarticulate and then there’s a nugget of gorgeous rich prose. Some days I sit and nod my head vigorously at the screen. Other days I scream at them, and then get on and respond.

Actually, Lloyd’s piece is fab all-around. Here’s this, too:

My interpretation of the animation is “Don’t give up hope, don’t run away just because this stuff looks frightening. Go up to it and say ‘Hello’. You’re human and it’s not. You have intelligence, emotion and compassion on your side. Work out how it could help you express yourself as you really are to a global group of people. Team up with your friends to see how you could use it to build on your existing relationships. Don’t be afraid.”

That’s really quite lovely! (Do you like how I’m reading British blogs and using phrases like ‘quite lovely’?)

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*blushes demurely* Thank you…err….like, I think you, like, totally rock too, dude.

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