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Supernova: Trust

Jonathan Schwartz of Sun has the following pithy view of the near-future: It’s all about trust and authentication. The defining characteristic of the next wave of web stuff will be: Who has access to what?

Also, a book reco: Empires of Light, a history of electricity. Analog to new networks and systems? You bet, Schwartz says!

He awaits the day when a mobile operator says: “We’re open! Do whatever you want on this network.” As do I… as do I.

Schwartz has a blog. He calls it “an extremely valuable tool.” Cool.

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I also think that trust is the key issue — for media, information, everything — although I would probably skew things in a different way. In general, I don’t think that the importance of trust is anything new, although the mechanisms by which people trust one another in different historical contexts varies over time. (Robin still owes me an e-mail discussing why people don’t trust TV news anymore and how Current is supposed to be different.) But I don’t have it entirely worked out yet either.

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