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Supernova: The Long Tail

At the Supernova conference, day one, at Wharton West in San Francisco.

Chris Anderson talking about his Big Idea: the Long Tail.

Gah! Dave Goldberg of Yahoo’s music service says they have 5 billion (!) song ratings entered by users. 150 million a month. That’s a lot of data! Also: They stream a billion songs a month and 350 million music videos a month. YE GODS.

Goldberg also says TiVo missed the opportunity to make their recommendation filters really good and useful. (They are currently quite bad and bizarre.)

David Hornik of August Capital keeps using the phrase “extract value.” Very business.

Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove says big studios are spending $50-100 million each just to clear the rights on all their old content so they can distribute it over the internet.

Bottom line: Whatever, I’m sure the Long Tail is very long and very profitable. But I think being a “Long Tail company” per se would be boring. Making content is where it’s at.

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For a replay of Chris Anderson’s speech, read his blog in chronological order from beginning to present. It’s good stuff.

By far my favorite part of that blog is the left rail, where Anderson diverts from dishing out his insights on the Long Tail to look at what others are doing that relates to the Long Tail.

The talk? I occasionally returned from oblivion just long enough to catch someone say “capital investment” or “IRR,” and back away I went. I could definitely never be an executive. Don’t quote me on that, if they start offering, like, houses and stuff.

Hey! You can make content AND be a long tail company! It’s called hyperlocal.


“I could definitely never be an executive. Don’t quote me on that, if they start offering, like, houses and stuff.”

OK, Matt. Noted.


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