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Snarkmarket Collaboration #1


Robin’s call to action (4MB MP3)

Right-click to download, or just click to play it in your browser.

So, I made a video. But due to the vagaries of webcams and computer hard drives (I guess?) the sound was waaay out of sync — I mean seriously, I would have just gone ahead and posted it except that it was hurting my brain it was so messed up.

But, in the spirit of just getting something out there, here is the audio alone, sweetened with a nice Minus Kelvin track. Take a listen. It is a description of a Snarkproject that I hope you will contribute to!

After you’ve listened: If you’re in, email something to me at rsloan at gmail dot com between now and Friday!

I neglected to say in the pitch that I will, of course, be throwing some content in myself — probably video clips from around San Francisco. And Matt better contribute something from Frezzle-rock, too, or I will start posting weird stuff under his name.

To underscore, though: The only reason I think this project might even be possible is that such a great, smart crew makes time for Snarkmarket — old and new friends alike. So I hope you’ll join in!

For reference: Matt on Kotkin | Tim on Kotkin | More from Matt

May 31, 2005 / Uncategorized


Update: Friday is a stupid deadline. Let’s make it Sunday instead. Woo!

jamie says…

just over from idlethink. just to say it’s a neat idea. will try send a token or so in.


I’ll contribute something if you’ll add “Frezzle Rock” to your list of banned words and phrases.

Simon says…

Ok… interesting. Enough to bring a busy Masters student, (and ex-filmaker) out of the closet. But i’m confused by the dates, which Sunday, the one past or the one coming? I’ll need a few days. I can think of some different ideas worth contributing. And the reason I am here is… Epic. You guys did something very special with that piece. A lot of buzz going around, very influential.


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