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Crazy Frog Axel F

Apparently this ringtone (click ‘preview’ on this page) has become… a top-selling single in the UK.


May 28, 2005 / Uncategorized


Zardoz says…

Yes I’m afraid so… but I guess it’s more upbeat than Cold Play. Anyway every 9 year old is flocking to buy this. The spending power of youth, it gets younger every year. A sign of the times I guess.

Not bad, but I would rather have the original “Axel Foley’s Theme” from Beverly Hills Cop… or better yet, updated with lyrics:

Bev-, Bev-, Beverly Hills Cop

Bev-, Bev-, Beverly Hills Cop

Axel Foley’s Gonna Catch

The Bad Guys…


Wow. I happened to click on this at the exact same time as the iPod was playing Glass Danse by the Faint. They sync up perfectly!!

“Axel F” got a smart write-up in indie-rock uber-e-zine Pitchfork Media. Mostly it’s a rumination on the UK singles charts and how they differ from the States’. Find the review here:

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