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Guess Which Force We're a Part Of

Zephyr Teachout, director of internet organizing for the Dean campaign back in tha day, has a new post up that’s framed by her “working meta-theory of the world”:

The idea is that there are three ascendant forces in the world — multinational corporations, radical theocracy, and civic democracy. Whichever one of these three figures out how to use the collective action solving power of the internet the best– well, wins. Defines world history for the next few centuries. Dominates.

Cool, no? The whole post is good; go read it.

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there’s at least one other ascendant force: economic democracy. In Mondragon, Spain there are 100+ companies employing and owned by 65,000 people including a big-box retail store called Eroski that’s kicked the ass of the Wal-mart poser from france. Eroski is owned by its workers and its consumers. In the Emilia Romagna region of Italy–around bologna–close to 1/2 of the manufacturing economy is cooperative, and this has become the 10th most prosperous and productive region in Europe. In Canada, there’s the Calgary Cooperative retail store employing over 3,000 with 3/4 billion in sales…. In the US, there’s the Cooperative Home Health Care Associates with 700 employee/owners in the Bronx in NYC, and there’s a bunch more in the US. In China, (not covered by the hysterical business and right wing political press–there’s a growing movement for radical democracy where people work.

these are the people and companies big and small that will use technology in they way that zephyr calls for….

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