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Can't… Resist… Linking

Dude! How are we on the B-list of bloggers?

Yes, I know that page is just an entry in a viral media contest. In fact, it’s basically just a little love note that says, “Dear several hundred bloggers: Please link to this page out of vanity.”

Done and done.

UPDATE: My god. The page is actually a giant check-off form. The little white arrows tell you who is vain (and has therefore linked to the site). Sorry Matt… looks like you are self-interested by association. Just kidding.

May 23, 2005 / Uncategorized


And you keep asking me why you don’t have any friends …

Oh geez. I didn’t even make the C-list?

Might as well hang it up, I guess.

actually, they posted this:

Just for the record, those * or > next to any list member’s name means they’ve updated recently; not, as some had suggested, that they have linked back to us.

Oh whew. I seriously thought I had irrevocably summoned down the greater-than sign of jackassery.

Aaron says…

How did they determine this list? There is a note on their main page that says, “If you want to be on the list, just email me!” How did you guys get on??? Oh, and Ro, you ever make an entry into the contest?

They determined it by AWESOMENESS.

Yeah, go ahead & send in your mblog link and see if you can get it on the B-list. I DON’T THINK SO, suckaaaa!

No, I didn’t enter anything… the deadline sneaked up on me!

Excuse the above post, Aaron. Robin’s been drinking too much high-fructose corn soda.

Watch it, Thompson, or you might soon find yourself demoted to the C-list…

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