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Cooler Than Is Physically Possible

Go, Minus Kelvin, go!

Friend of Snarkmarket Aaron McLeran just got a mad shout-out from none other than Larry Lessig, the Atticus Finch of the internet. (Or something like that.)

The story, in brief: Aaron posts his wicked e-beats on ccMixter. Dude named Pat Chilla (the Beat Gorilla!) picks up on A’s genius, connects with him, and next thing you know, Minus Kelvin is on Runoff Records doing tracks for America’s Next Top Model and some as-yet-to-be-revealed MTV shows. Hott!

If you haven’t heard any MK music, start with this — it’s one of my faves. Then check out the site.


That is beyond awesome, and richly deserved. I’ll admit to sometimes wishing Aaron lived in the Central Valley, so I could justify using his tracks in my multimedia stories for the Bee. (It really is all about the music.) Congratulations, Aaron!!

You know who DOES live in Fresno?

Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla!

Nice! But he’s no MinusKelvin.

Dan says…

That is almost as incredible as the time that Aaron drew a perfect suburban house and yard complete with shutters and the family dog using an etch-a-sketch.

What a well-deserved turn of events. Go MinusKelvin!

Aaron says…

Ha ha. Thanks guys. I feel like a dork posting here, but who is Dan and what etch-a-sketch thing are you talking about?

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