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I Know We've Discussed This Already, But

Can I just say how underwhelmed I am by the NYT’s choice of Fareed Zakaria to review Tom Friedman’s new book? I mean… isn’t Fareed Zakaria basically just Tom Friedman? Boooring.

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I Know We’ve Discussed This Already, But

Can I just say how underwhelmed I am by


What is this — an existential statement, some kind of zen koan, or an HTML pun? Is it a comment on the font of your signature? Or is there something I’m missing?

My RSS Live Bookmark takes me to the permasnark link of each post. I just read the full Zakaria/Freedman snark on the splash page: must be some kind of coding glitch that produced the extraordinarily profund statement of self-effacement I quote above. It’s what we artsy types call “a happy accident.”

And finally, a comment on the snark itself.

If there’s a discernible and valuable difference between Fareed Zakaria and Tom Friedman, it’s in the following.

1) Fareed Zakaria is funnier and has a better sense of humor than Tom Friedman.

2) Probably as a result of 1, Zakaria tells fewer jokes.

I fixed the zen koan.

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