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The Snarkmarket Readability Scale

snarkread.gifAccording to the JuicyStudio readability calculator, you need 5.65 years of schooling to understand the posts on Snarkmarket. Our “Gunning Fog Index” score is a respectable 8.99, which puts us right smack at the reading level of most popular novels. has a score of 6.7, while the WaPo’s holding steady at 7.81. Not even the previously linked Valve post and its comments reached the current Snarkmarket score, topping out at 8.71.

The other blog I write for has a GF Index of 7.44, slightly below Reader’s Digest. (Robin’s clearly wrecking the curve — it broke when I tried to feed it his other blog.) My senior college thesis has a GF Index of 15.47, at the lower range of the academic papers scale.

As Robin points out, Snarkmarket may have taken a slide toward the nerdy, given that our score for October 2004 (quite a prolific month for us) was 8.26. I imagine this post has not helped the trend.

Via Kevin Drum.

April 20, 2005 / Uncategorized


My readers need 11 years of schooling to read my posts, and GF Index of 15 or something. I will never make it as a pop fiction writer. Ah, woe is me.

Ah ha ha hahahahaha — now THIS is some high-end snark, Rachel. Awesome.

Doh! You only need a fourth grade education to read my blog. That’s what I get for being so funky cold medina. On the plus-side, blog-that-I-edit gets a GF of 11.47. At least I read good …

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