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Google Maps + Flickr

The early-adopter squad is posting annotated Google (Satellite) Maps images on Flickr.

But that’s backwards: I want annotated Flickr imagestreams bubbling up out of Google Maps!

No, seriously. I want this NOW.


You may be interested in checking out the mapper of doom.* It doesn’t have the slick click and drag feature of Google maps/satellite imagery, but it does offer information overlays drawn from a number of public databases (including geourl and superfund site locations). It also has the ability to layer topo maps and/or vector data over satellite photos. It’s not so useful for finding directions, but it is a fun toy.

*[In the name of full disclosure, I should mention that this was developed by my brother.]

Andy, tell your brother to add Flickr feeds NOW.

No, but seriously, that thing is cool! What does your bro DO? That’s a really impressively deep little web-app…

Well, just what you asked for!

FlickR Images on Google Maps!

sam says…

I think you are looking for

Flickr Photos integrated on Google Map

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