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Video Voting


So at INdTV (where I work), we’ve been running this “Pilot Project” contest to kick off our participatory TV model. It’s a very small start — just a glimmer of things to come — but it actually generated some pretty cool stuff.

Now we’ve got the ten finalists posted online; you can vote on your three faves. The top vote-getter will be $15,000 richer on April 4. That’ll buy a lot of DV tape and Mountain Dew. (Everyone knows those are the two required ingredients for independent digital video.) (Actually, wait, is Mountain Dew old-school now? Everybody probably drinks Red Bull instead, huh?) (Mountain Holla?)

My personal favorite is the World of Warcraft piece, both because it’s funny and well-shot and because it’s a thoughtful look at a video game. If you read Snarkmarket regularly, you know I think there ought to be more of that.

Anyway, go watch and vote!


Matt says…

Hott! I watched one of the early movies (the one by Jason and Max) and was all excited. And I assume you’ll be blogging the block party (for which, I notice, you’ve enlisted the talents of Michael Franti and Spearhead — Michael Franti, for those Snarketeers not in the know, is the hip-hopper who walks around with the phrase “Must Not Sleep” tattooed on his left arm, and “Must Warn Others” tattooed on his right). Excellent.

Robin says…

Dude, THAT’s Michael Franti?? Oh SWEET!

Brandon says…


Interesting line up of vids; not sure if it was quite what I was expecting — better, actually. But I after first-round viewing, ‘The Future Beautiful’ piqued my curiosity the most. I’ll have to sleep on it before voting.

I take it you weren’t allowed to submit EPIC 2014?

Robin says…

Indeed not. Everybody’s already seen EPIC 2014 anyway 🙂

Matt says…

Those are totally awesome. I have no idea which one I’m voting for. Now I’m even more excited for the launch of this thing … is there a date that the general public’s allowed to know?

Hey Brandon,

curious what resonated the most with you regarding the future beautiful/skewville movie. That was my first video, so i’m sorta still learning a lot about what works and what doesn’t in this medium.

is there a date that the general public’s allowed to know?

Says Matt, kindly posing as the general public when clearly he’s not. 😉

Curse failed broadband, curse it forever!!!

Brandon says…


Always happy to spout out my opinions (although it’s rarely requested)!

I liked the “skewville” video for several reasons:

1) you chose a unfamiliar story that was off the beaten path, but which arguably addresses a larger (sub)culture matter…and significantly, the topic was capable of being adequately profiled in the allotted 4-5 minutes

2) the gritty audio/visual feel of the piece reflected the subversive nature of the subject… it wouldn’t have meshed as well if you were doing a story on a less rebellious ‘art form’, like, say, street mimes.

3) the portions of artist interviews which you selected were relevant and did a respectible job at capturing the ‘skewville’ philosophy.

I wasn’t bowled over by the text ‘crawl’ at the beginning and end, and I think getting some other parties’ opinion/perspective on the ‘sneaker’ art would have added more depth to the story… but it still got my vote!



thanks for the comments. i agree with you that having another perspective would’ve been great….like another street artist, or even funnier….a little old lady wondering what all this wooden sneaker nonsense is about.

the text crawl did not turn out to be the smoothest thing ever…i agree. the ideas behind it were: 1) providing a little contextual information for the actual story without a lame voice over 2) channel overload….by that i mean that i was already bombarding the viewer with images, music, and voice audio …so in a ill-conceived attempt to parody the 24-hour news networks i introduced the ever-present crawling news. in fact, in a longer version of the film ( it actually doubles as a faux-ticker tape…but instead of company stock prices, i have crawling faux-stock prices for the street artists whose work is flashing by on the screen. Working below financial news monitors and bloomberg machines all day (I work at the Federal Reserve) may have had something to do with that. But everything is execution and I think I’ll have to rework the ticker until its not lame anymore or get rid of it altogether. Thanks again for taking the time, dude.


Hey Jose, any recos for sites or blogs devoted to street art? I know about Wooster Collective — any others that you frequent?

Hey Robin, aside from Wooster Collective, I keep up with and then a few other artist specific sites which I learned of by browsing the wooster blogroll.

Correction: Andrew Warren of Jambase informs me that it’s not Michael Franti at all with the crazy tattoos, it’s Aesop Rock. I must have misheard Dave Taus, who told me that anecdote.

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