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Uh, Yeah: Bad Idea, Newsweek

For its current cover, Newsweek put Martha Stewart’s head on a model’s body a little too deftly. I blog this only because a) I saw this mag on the racks yesterday, b) I totally thought the photo was real, and c) I am not dumb.


zabs says…

no, you’re not dumb– bunch of us here saw it and could not tell at ALL that it was not her bod.

Rod M. Hardd says…

Concerning Newsweek and it’s bad reporting (Koran in the tiolet) and other mags here in America. Isn’t it about time the American people open their eyes to the fact that most (if not all) news media (TV, mags, etc.) are owened and managed by one of the four conglomerates of the world (yes, only 4). They all lead back to England to a particular elitist demigod by the name of Philip Rothschild (red shield in German). His agenda for America with his two brothers and their allies the top 13 families (Illuminati/Royalty/top masons/CEOs/polititians, etc.) of this world is to bring down America in any way possible. By their controling the media. By getting our troops out of America to fight elsewhere leaving us vulnerable and weak. By drugs, dumbing down our school kids, violence through games & hollywood, changing our Constitution, rise in cults that degrade humanes along with petafile networking. Millions disappear off our streets never to be seen or heard from again. Med. drugs cost Americans twice as much than anywhere else in the world. The additives put into our food and drinks by our beverage/food manufacturers, induce fat, are addictive, poisoness, affect our brain, ruin our immune system and health. And most any other nation in the world will not allow our food/beverage products into their countries! Isn’t it strange that our armed forces are about 5th or 6th on the list of top paid miliatry personnel in the world, not to mention our troops pay taxes on top of all that! In Germany, for instance, banks by law can only go as high as 01% on loans for anything for their police, firemen, EMS personel and military! Iknow all this, because I’ve experienced and talked/questioned a lot people around this world. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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