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Amazoogle, Anyone?

So I heard that Amazon’s A9 search engine had some new local yellow-pages function. Whatever. Big deal.

Then I actually tried the new local yellow-pages function.

Holy criz-ap.

Take a minute to explore that link, the result of a search for ‘canvas cafe’ in San Francisco. Note that there is:

  • a picture of the establishment in question, and, indeed,
  • pictures of every establishment on the street. And you can
  • walk up and down the street using the buttons at the bottom.

You’re looking at the coffee shop I visit when I want a pot of tea. And if you click “Slider” on the bottom of the page — under “Other Businesses Along 9th Ave” — you’ll be looking at the burger joint I visit when I want a delicious bacon heartstopper.

That’s nuts! I love it! The steady digitization of the physical world! And soon — mark my words, soon — we will be tapping into this database from our mobile phones.

They’ve only photographed ten metro areas so far. But still: pretty good start.

Either Google is a) freaking out that they didn’t think of this first, or b) chortling with amusement, secure in the knowledge that will soon make A9’s effort look like a fourth-grade diorama.

But I’m betting on — and rooting for — the former.

P.S. I eat here, too! Waughhhhh!

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Dude. I’m in Tokyo right now, and navigating the addresses and the character system here is so difficult. I’m too used to being literate. That would be so incredibly useful here.

I would bet on option B. . . . .

Did you see this?

ali says…

dood i’ve been playing with it since yesterday. SUHWEET. you can see my flippin blinds blowin in the wind if you scroll left to bldg. 724. and i’m not home because my car is not parked in the street. i checked across the street, too.

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