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A Role Model's New Role

Stephen Buckley, one of the most impressive men I’ve ever met, is the new managing editor of the St. Petersburg Times.

It is because of Stephen and other newspaper vets like him — smart, thoughtful, fair, and wise — that, amidst all my talk of media revolution, I include this footnote:

*But props to the old-school standouts.

Because those virtues are just as crucial in the new world of media as they were in the old. We’ll be screwed if careful, contemplative voices just get lost in the blooming buzz of the blogosphere.

It’d be cool if Buckley got down with blogs, though. Last year, I pitched him on a blog-based beat reporter and he was skeptical. C’mooon Stephen! It’s legit!

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nixx says…

Have you heard him talk? Good Lord. It’s hot. I think he may put the EPIC narration to shame. (sorry beeb) A co-worker and I found ourselves collapsing in our chairs and filling the room with a chorus of deep sighs after calling his voice mail and hanging up before the beep.

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