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Who to Watch?

So Election Day is just around the corner. We’ll* march to our polling places and make our voices heard.

*For all values of we where you disenfranchised

And then we’ll turn on the TV to see what happens!

So… here’s the question… which network should I watch?

I ain’t gonna do the clickmaster-exxxtreme channel-surfing thing. I just can’t handle it. I want to pick one channel at 8 p.m. and leave it locked in ’til midnight 4 a.m. (I will of course be scouring the internet like a hellion at the same time. But that’s a different issue.)

So which do you recommend, Snarkreaders at large? I’m seriously looking for suggestions here; I have no established preference.

October 28, 2004 / Uncategorized

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I think it’s PBS, hands down. Traditional anti-journalism conservatives will disagree with me, but IMHO, they’re the most even-handed of all of the televised news sources. I also appreciate that their pundits haven’t all sold their souls to the spin-devil. Not to say that they don’t speak and think with a slant. It’s just that they sometimes manage to actually say something useful. I’ve even heard them criticize their own party!

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

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