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The Revolution Will Not be Oklahoman

This is the wrong category for this post, but whatever.

Sensational piece of writing by my personal journalistic demi-goddess, Anne Hull. It’s a portrait of a naive, gay, 17-year-old boy and his equally naive mother. But I think it’s especially about the rest of us — the worldly, jaded, cosmopolitan, secular, sexxxtacular, post-post-bohemian creative-class-holes who think we know everything — who have to grapple with the exact same thoughts that seem so unformed coming out of the minds and mouths of Michael and Janice Shackleford:

Michael tried sending his mom a clue about his sexuality early on. He took her to a Cher concert in Tulsa, but she failed to make the connection.

“Apparently a lot of people don’t know she has a gay following,” Janice says, defensively. “The guys at work said how neat it was that I was going.”

She pauses, thinking back. “I have to say, it was a fantastic concert.” 

Here’s part two.

Part three and four will be along next Sunday and Monday.

If you wanted to get a taste of the worldly and cosmopolitan, try a little Lance Arthur. Especially the Gay Agenda.

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Ms.Cazh says…

I think that the sexxxtacular among us is also wondering when a, “spark of hope” can be felt upon seeing

ANYONE look at an Annie Lennox album cover.

Robin says…

Ah ha ha ha ha! I love Lance Arthur! From his post on what he learned from Spider-Man 2:

There’s certainly a lack of gay infrastructure, so to speak, in small towns — fewer people to consult for advice, etc., but sometimes the rules of the city just don’t apply. I remember reading an article not too long ago, probably in the Times, about the lives of gay prostitutes in New York. Many of them were small-town kids, or blacks or Latinos who were encouraged by shows like “Will & Grace” to come out to their families — when their families kicked them out, they ran away to cities like New York and soon ended up on the streets.

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