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When I was seven, I saw “Transformers: The Movie” on the big screen and, it’s true, I cried a little when Optimus Prime, brave leader of the Autobots, died.

Now The Hollywood Reporter says Spielberg is producing a live-action Transformers movie!

And look at this–also posted on the same day, news of a movie version of “Watchmen,” the greatest graphic novel ever published.

And! “All the King’s Men”! My god!

These are three of the seminal literary experiences of my life, Snarketeers: tales of a valiant robot, a fallible superhero, and a wayward journalist. I can’t wait.

(Thanks to Kevin for the Transformers link.)

BTW: Required viewing for Transformers nerds.


Gavin says…

Of course, with CGI now, it seems that one should almost be required to put “live action” in quotation marks (like so) when referring to a potential Transformers movie.

Oh, and there’s been talk for a decade about a “Watchmen” film. If Arnovsky is attached, that’s good news indeed, but keep in mind that he was attached to the new Batman movie too, but it wasn’t until Christopher Nolan replaced him that shooting actually started.

BAS says…

Glad to see that you have thrown Star Wars in your memory dumpster and care nothing for the newly announced Revenge of the Sith title (yawn) from George Lucas.

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