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Rise of the Pseudo-Blogs

Dude, the chairman of the FCC has a blog.

Except it’s totally not a real blog. It’s just a sequence of memos presented in vaguely blog-like format.

Now, I’m not sayin’ he’s gotta be all like, “I had Cheerios for breakfast, I heart Dashboard Confessional, Bush sux, my name is Michael Powell, here is a link to Boing Boing” to be a legit blogger.

But the whole point of having a blog is to:

  • keep up a steady stream of entries, like a little pulse;
  • share ideas freely, even (or especially!) if they aren’t fully fleshed-out or, indeed, self-consistent; and
  • write with an authentic voice.

The FCC chairman fails on all of these counts. I’m a little surprised; this is a guy who’s legitimately techno-hip, who understands new media and loves his TiVo.

To their credit, AlwaysOn, the site hosting Powell’s “blog,” refers to it in some places as a “regular series of columns,” which is more accurate.

(“Apparently another characteristic of real blogs,” you say, “is that they belabor points that don’t actually merit public comment or discussion. Such as whether the FCC chairman’s blog is really a blog.” To which I reply: Aww, go read a book.)

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One comment

Robin says…

Although I have to say, blogginess notwithstanding, Powell’s comments are really good.

I am such a nerd.

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