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First Date


As Florida goes, so goes the nation!

Your faithful Snarkorrespondent (natch!) was on hand see Johns Kerry and Edwards whip up a crowd at The Coliseum in St. Petersburg this evening.

Snap judgments:

Kerry: Actually really fun and funny when he’s speaking off the cuff! But then he gets rolling into his stump speech, and zzz.

Edwards: No mojo. I tell you, it’s a myth.

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Best speaker of the evening. Invoked deep themes with grace.

Kerry/Edwards combo: It works, because they’re like your two uncles: the nice, nerdy one and the cool, slightly-too-smooth one. Yeah, I like that, because then Elizabeth Edwards gets to be your nice aunt and Teresa Heinz Kerry gets to be your weird mystery aunt. (The one that always gives you a bizarre but ultimately entertaining board game, purchased in Germany, for Christmas.)

Can John Edwards Really Be Over 50?! Clearly not. Another myth.

Best ‘Line’ of the Night: “We have a better sense of right and wrong and what’s fair,” said Kerry, “and we have better hair!”

Best Line of the Night: “This is the most important election of our lifetimes,” said Kerry. Cue wild applause.

Most Unexpected Cue for Wild Applause: When Kerry mentioned… stem-cell research? Apparently a crowd-pleaser!

Most Human Moment: Your weird aunt Teresa totally falling asleep onstage — stifling yawns, fighting back those looong blinks. I think at one point she was pinching her hand to keep herself alert.

Oh Yeah, And: There were approximately a gazillion people there! No, seriously: Several thousand waited in line, I estimate (using my preternatural gift for crowd appraisal), and less than half got into The Coliseum before the fire marshal closed the doors. Kerry said he’d go outside to greet those who couldn’t make it in.

But by the time that happened, your weary Snarkorrespondent was scooting home through the darkened streets of St. Petersburg.

Blurry digital picture of one or more politicians TK. Done!

Update: St. Pete Times on the rally.

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