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It's Us Weekly for Us Wonks

Okay, that’s way overstating it, but that seems appropriate for a blog entry written in praise of a magazine that way overstates it.

Foreign Policy, published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is by far the hippest policy mag on the rack. The Atlantic Monthly has more authority; The New Yorker is better-written; Foreign Affairs has, um, larger print. But FP has grafs like this:

American neoconservatives such as Robert Kagan look down upon feminine, Venus-like Europeans, gibing their narcissistic obsession with building a postmodern, bureaucratic paradise. The United States, by contrast, supposedly carries the mantle of masculine Mars, boldly imposing freedom in the world’s nastiest neighborhoods. But by cleverly deploying both its hard power and its sensitive side, the European Union has become more effective — and more attractive — than the United States on the catwalk of diplomatic clout. Meet the real New Europe: the world’s first metrosexual superpower.

(That’s from “The Metrosexual Superpower” by Parag Khanna, which you’ll have to register to read. It’s free.)

FP has such a funny attitude. This is from their writer’s guidelines:



Matt says…

My main problem with FP is that they update their website with about the same frequency that The Wall Street Journal announces re-designs. I mean, I understand the magazine’s bi-monthly, but can’t they think of one dynamic site element that changes at least once a week or something? If you don’t find anything interesting on the front page of The Atlantic, wait around a week and you will. If you don’t find anything interesting on the front page of (as happened for me with the May/June issue — snorefest!), wait two months and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Robin says…

Clearly they need to hire some young, hip bloggers to run a front-page linkfest, updated daily.


That is just superb prose! I almost spat coffee out my nose when I read it.

roman says…

What? They update the site almost daily.

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