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Internet Marketing Works

OMG, I just clicked on a banner ad for the first. time. in. my. life.

But it was for the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, so I don’t think that really counts. It’s like clicking on a banner ad for Batman: Who wouldn’t??

June 24, 2004 / Uncategorized


so, what, you’re like 1 for 8 million? Most successful marketing EVER!!!

The SFM&HOF (or scifimuhafa as i like to call it) just opened up in the Experience Music Project, right here in seattle. It’s actually a little sad because it shows that the EMP isn’t doing so well. I forget which part of the EMP it occupies, but they closed down an exihibit to open up room for the SFM.

One of these days i’ll check it out (kind of like one of these days i’ll check out the new library…)

Robin says…

Ah ha ha ha ha ha! Scifimuhafa! I love it!

It’s so much fun to say. They should have their docents greet people with, “Hello, and welcome to Scifimuhafa!”

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