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Banter (For Half Your Brain?)

I think everyone secretly believes that the funny conversations they have with their friends would make a good show.

Well, here’s a radio show called Pop Vultures that basically seems to be, um, that. It’s Kate Sullivan and her friends talking about music.

I really wanted to love it and think it was rad, but, alas, I did not.

Maybe it’s just ’cause Pop Vultures seems pretty thin after a Tuesday-night This American Life mini-binge. For truly, no one can compete with the I-man.

Okay, actually, hold on; I’ve been playing another P.V. episode in the background as I’ve been typing this and kinda liking it.

Maybe that’s the secret! This is partial-attention entertainment. It can’t support the entire weight of a human being’s interest… but… just a little bit… oops, I just started paying too much attention again, and it turned lame.

You should try this, it’s really interesting.

Hey now, wait, just flipped over to another episode — the first — and this one’s sturdier. There was just a surprising bit about breakbeats and breakdancing and just what is a “break,” anyway?

(Dude, number one Google result for ‘breakdancing’ is NPR! Nice!)

Okay, maybe these funny conversations do make a good show.

And I swear I’m not just saying that because, in the last ten minutes, I’ve developed a crush on Kate Sullivan’s voice.

One comment

HA! the truth emerges. ok so i totally know about the half-attention-worthy conversation/music…

here’s another think to ponder. when i am at work i stream stations through iTunes sometimes as low as 24 kbps. but since i’m only paying partial attention and the music is GOOD, then is it ok that it’s technically only partial quality?

is it possible that not paying enough attention drowns out the tinny crappy sound getting in the way of some bomb tracks and i still get the same satisfaction out of listening?


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