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Pure Skill, Exhibit A

So LA Times columnist Steve Lopez crashed his bike, banged his head, had a couple of seizures, and now he has to ride the bus.

I can imagine a writer doing those two columns clumsily, especially the look-I-rode-the-bus-and-met-authentic-people one. But Steve Lopez hits ’em just right.

This is because Steve Lopez rules.

(Thanks to LA Observed for the link!)


it’s a little ironic that i read about steve lopez and the griffith park adventures (they flow like the LA River doesn’t, mind you) because the danger i faced in griffith park easily merits about 5 broken bones and some kind of lapse in consciousness. -if i could give it a score, of course.

OK, it was just YESTERDAY that ryan and i reached grand elevations in griffith park. we scrambled up the mountainside. we could see ALL of Glendale and ALL of Burbank, and we were inside the boundaries of a composting/waste site. so, we take the “other side of the mountain” back down to where our car patiently waited with the e-brake in position why take any unnecessary risks?).

We manage to slide/tumble down most of the hostess-cup-cake-like dirt and scrape along every branch and fall onto every tree, still living or otherwise. i even avoid the godforsaken poison spiky balls and ivy and stuff.

finally we start hearing voices from picnic area below and see this nice dirt path. i get so desperate to escape the mountain treachery, that i almost jump 12 feet down to the first sign of civilization– and i see the look on ryan’s face … desperation… fright, not unlike that of a boy who just had his lego house stepped on…

i start losing footing, mumbling something about grabbing the branch on my way down…

to be continued…

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