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Zombie Jamboree


Here’s what’s good about “Dawn of the Dead,” George Romero’s remake of his own 1978 movie:

  • The instantly-familiar suburban mall setting
  • The movie’s first and only rule of zombie engagement: Shoot ’em in the head
  • The stylish “media covers the end of the world” sequence, with requisite super-grainy video (apparently only Playskool My First Cameras function during the Apocalypse)
  • The satisfying A-Team-style “let’s build an armored truck using snow shovels and chicken wire” sequence
  • The fact that Ty Burrell looks way too much like Bruce Campbell (classic low-budget horror actor), which led me to believe it was Bruce Campbell, but no, it’s this other dude, and somehow the entire situation seems zombie-riffic
  • Fast zombies = scariest ever

And I could come up with some things that are bad, too, but come on. This movie is about undead hordes, not character development.

Also, this just in:

Message to: Uma Thurman

From: The world

Your services are no longer required, as we now have Sarah Polley:


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