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The System


Apparently the NCAA men’s basketball tournament costs U.S. companies millions in lost productivity in the month of March.

It is only appropriate, therefore, that I take a few moments out of my productive work-day to talk brackets.

Now, I am no college basketball grandmaster. I go to once a week to see how Michigan State is doing, but thazzit. Therefore, I cannot rely on actual NCAA expertise as I fill out my tournament bracket.

So instead, I use a set of arbitrary rules! (I am, of course, not alone in this.) Here they are, in descending order of influence. Given two schools:

  1. Alma Mater Clause: If one is MSU, it wins. Otherwise:
  2. Zags Clause: If one is Gonzaga, it wins. Otherwise:
  3. Nerd Clause A: If one has the word ‘Tech’ in its name, it wins. Otherwise:
  4. Nerd Clause B: If one is in the Ivy League, or is Stanford, it wins. Otherwise:
  5. Public Trust Clause: If only one is a state school, it wins. Otherwise:
  6. If It Must Come To This Clause: The school with the shorter name wins.

And that’s it. Hey, pimpin was never easy till now.

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Robin says…


Matt says…

Hey, this is a great system! In fact, I’m basing my own bracket on yours! I’ll just take all of your rules, and bet the opposite. (Gonzaga, Stanford.)

Robin says…


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