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A Line in the Sand

In case you’ve been hiding under a nipple disc, I’ll break the news to you: President Bush endorsed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage today.

I, for one, am quite glad.

See, people (e.g. our dear President) keep on tossing around these phrases — “activist judges,” “activist courts,” “judicial activism.” The words don’t much mean anything; an “activist judge” is for all intents and purposes one whose judgment you disagree with. In this case, the charge of “judicial activism” is the last refuge of a group of zealots bent on imposing its dominance over a minority. The will of the majority is being subverted!!, they say. Four judges in Massachusetts, five judges on the Supreme Court, two judges in California are all defying the desires of the people!!

Fortunately for civil rights in America, judges don’t represent the people, they represent the law.

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