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Whoah! While Al Gore was dorking around with Howard Dean and neglecting his cable news project, some dude named John Garabedian stepped up and started a channel for young people.

Okay, it’s not a news channel. But still, this sounds promising:

While the network figures to skew more female, it will feature original, reality-oriented programming on topics, Garabedian said, that are relevant to all young adults, including dating, education, style, drugs, trends and marriage. Shows include Common Ave., which seeks out responses to common issues from ordinary people; Dinner, a roundtable discussion of issues over a meal; and The Roomies, a The Real World-type series that places five young strangers in a house.

So will XY.TV be “NPR, except cool” or Open House Party 24/7? We’ll see.

Update: Uh-oh. When I read “roundtable discussion of issues over a meal,” I was thinking, like, “Do we need national health insurance?” Turns out it’s not quite that sophisticated.


Matt says…

One question … If the network is expecting to skew female, why are they calling themselves XY.TV? Are they sure they don’t just wanna skew gay?

‘Cause, you know, that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Thanks for the interest in XY TV I hope that someday soon all will be able to watch our network. Please call you local cable providers and demand XY TV. You won’t regret it.

Richard says…

Would love to hear (read) more about XY TV but the website is secured. Why, you don’t want to share this great idea? is up and running. recently launched in Mississippi,Vermont,New Hampshire,Mass,New York,and a few others I can’t remember. Call your local cable provider and request you get

We don’t skew gay but we always address gay issues.



Robin says…

“We don’t skew gay but we always address gay issues.” Hey, that could be Snarkmarket’s motto!

Jason, any idea how many homes get XY.TV already?

Shandala says…

what’s the URL for XYTV?

Shandala… love ya kid.

Robin says…

And the Friday Afternoon Snark Award goes to Shawn.

The URL is Right now is in over one million homes. Thanks for the continued support!

I have XYtv with my cable provider, and i LOVE it.

I am constantly entertained by some of the more.. unusual shows and concepts on the station. If you have the station, you should check out the show VIP. It’s pretty funny and insitefull, although some of the shows could use some help with character development.

Robin says…

Waitaminute… has Snarkmarket become the site of some XY.TV viral promotion scheme??

Good to know Vanessa is constantly entertained, though.

HAHA thanks Robin 😉

Yeah, it is unfortunate that isn’t in mass-release yet (i.e. on Comcast). Nowadays, teens are dying for MTV-alternatives. Here is one. Now someone in Philadelphia needs to realize this and add the station to Digital Cable!

I do want to promote XY and I won’t lie about that, but wouldn’t you want to promote something to which you’ve given blood sweat and tears. I hope everyone at some point can look at the channel and tell us what you want to see. If you hate something say it. Nobody’s perfect and either are we so bring it on so that we can improve and do what our viewers want.



I couldnt agreee more with Jason, Being on a show like the Roomies can become a big part in your life. I know, I’ve been on the show for nine months, and as time goes by, it gets better and better.

brad simmons says…

I don’t understand why if wants to become a more dominant TV feature then why doesnt someone fix their website or something. I cant do anything on it. I want to know how i can chat with roomies and do other things but it just sux!

Michelle says…

For that person who watches VIP… I edit the Tuesday and Wednesday night editions of that. WOOHOO

I think the show is interesting why don’t the characters go out someplace together like the bar? I think that the girl friends and boy friends should show up once in a while on the show if its possible? Why don’t they get a dog? They look bored on the spy cam most of the time. Also the xytv should do promotional stuff to get there name out there more.

What channel number is XY.Tv on comcast cable or RCN cable. Or is it a broadcast network. Let me know, I’m trynig to watch some of the shows.

Justin says…

XYtv is on channel 109 Digital cable on RCN in the boston area. Like Michelle, I also edit for VIP…the monday and friday show. But if you guys cannot get xy, you can click on the archived clips on the bottom left of the page and watch clips from our programming.

I like what you do on the tv show but can you play this song for me Nelly over&over and play pink get it started. The show is so cool..

well cool..

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