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The Dean/Clark Question



Quite the intriguing ticket. The combination has almost a dramatic potency. Dean, whichever way you slice it, has a record of actually accomplishing his prioritized goals against political odds, rare in recent Democratic observance. And of course his campaign itself is a phenomenon. Clark is, quite simply, an

November 28, 2003 / Uncategorized


Robin says…

Yeah, I think your penultimate paragraph doubts are well-founded. I would bet money (and not just Snarkdollars, either) that whoever the nominee is, his (or her! Go Ambassador!) running mate will not be have been a member of the broken Fellowship.

And you’ve got it all wrong. Dennis Kucinich will be the Secretary of the Preciousssss…

Robin says…

And I will be the Secretary of Watching Lord of the Rings DVDs in the White House Theater.

Matt says…

I agree that the chances of a ticket lifted straight from the pool aren’t all that big, but I wouldn’t bet money either way. It’s not that rare; Reagan did it last. And if the giant party divisions that some are forecasting come to fruition, it might be the best way to be a uniter, not a divider.

I will be the Secretary of Boo-tay.

I think it is a done deal. They will announce something tomorrow.

Len says…

The whole Dean campaign is very intriguing to me. I can’t quite figure Dean out. What does he really want? He seems to attract the “Angry Democrat” kind of crowd. But then all these apolitical students are getting involved as well: is it atavistic Bush hatred, or something more?

Clark, on the other hand, is more of a Bill Clinton redux: Rhodes Scholar with the blessing of the DLC.

So what do you guys think of the two? Are you Deanies? And more importantly, what is up with this horrible color scheme? Snarkmarket won’t attract the attention of diddly-squat with lime and fuschia, boys.

— The L-Dogg

Ironic that comment spam re-surfaces this comment thread now, with Len’s disparaging comments about our color scheme, just as we are implementing a redesign that in fact GOES EVEN FURTHER down the glorious path of lime and fuschia.

I wonder how he feels about the paisley…

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