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This Is Not a Washington Post Article

Is it, do you think, that The Washington Post is attempting to eradicate its image as one of the austere Grey Ladies with this substanceless black hole of absence parading as a column, complete with a paragraph-long paean to Wesley Clark’s nose? Are they trying to take the A out of “staid” and replace it with a big ol’ U.P.?

Is it not a sign of the end times that this report appeared on a section front page?

One comment

Robin says…

While I don’t think good hair is high on the nation’s agenda, I do think good writing can save even the most vapid subject.

And this columnist (named Robin — coincidence? I think not) brings a lot of wit to his/her assignment. I submit:

In an image-conscious world, Gephardt, 62, suffers because his strawberry blond hair is indistinguishable from his scalp. On television he tends to look like a lab mouse in a cluster of field mice. During debates, one half-expects the Animal Liberation Front to burst in, flip over his lectern and tell him to run to his freedom. Surely voters would forgive him the use of a colorist who could give him a few lowlights.

That is some serious snark! It made me laugh out loud, and I say however the Post can pull that off, more power to them.

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